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Butter Stealing Witches, Hags as Hares & Other Tales on this Blessed Beltane

Below is a collection of fables, folklore, and some May Day traditions that I was not previously familiar with. I have done my best to credit the authors of these yarns, along with a list of references at the end. Ordinarily I write these posts myself, but felt that sharing a collection pieces from my some of my favorite blogs, compiled with some illustrations by others and photos of my own may serve well for this sort of entry.   Butter Stealing Witches From:  The Fading Year On May Day, or more particularly, May morning, witches are traditionally believed to be able to steal their neighbor’s milk or butter, so that no amount of churning will create butter. These witches, or hags as they were often known, were usually widowed women, frequently they were poor, and invariably they were known in their community as odd. Anyone visiting a household between sunset on May Eve and sunset on May Day would be treated with great suspicion. People were particular in not giving anything away, especially fire, milk, …

10 Useful Herbs for Everyday Magic

“… Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender, for luck. Fall in love whenever you can.” ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic     I am working on a sort of directory of different herbs, their medicinal and magical properties as well as the folklore associated with them. Though I am not an herbalist, I am a cook / anthropologist and have always been fascinated with how herbs play into flavor, culture, magic, old life ways and seem to have collective past all of their own. I figured I’d start with the 10 that always seem to have a place in my pantry: Thyme –  Thyme can be found in most modern kitchens due to its culinary uses, but it great for magical work as well. It attracts devotion, friendliness, and admiration from others, making it great for spells and rituals regarding relationships, particularly new ones, including interviews. Additionally, thyme can be used to attract good health, luck and money, …

Ode to Autumn

“Fall is my favorite part of the natural cycle. The autumnal equinox, or Mabon, is a time of bounty and gratitude, serving as a reminder that Mother Earth provides for those who venture to convene in nature. Although mostly considered a time to harvest your fall gardens, it can also be a time to plant your own seeds, not just in silent reflection but to actively strengthen your journey through life by challenging yourself to face change and to cultivate new ideals, talents, or desires to be nourished and born into winter’s end.”