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Ode to Autumn

“Fall is my favorite part of the natural cycle. The autumnal equinox, or Mabon, is a time of bounty and gratitude, serving as a reminder that Mother Earth provides for those who venture to convene in nature. Although mostly considered a time to harvest your fall gardens, it can also be a time to plant your own seeds, not just in silent reflection but to actively strengthen your journey through life by challenging yourself to face change and to cultivate new ideals, talents, or desires to be nourished and born into winter’s end.”


Summer Thus Far…

Talked to a friend on the phone, told her I’d forgotten how to write. It’s true. Maybe it’s just that I have nothing to say really. Who is it I’m speaking to now, exactly? I’ve been told too often that I’m overly vague. But my life isn’t exactly something that can entertain pages upon pages, or even a handful of people really. To be honest, it’s just scraps, feathered pieces of paper torn on each end. Sometimes I wonder why I even write things here…. And then I remember: because it feels good to write things down. Put words down on a page that only really half-exists. Anyway, back to the content of my life, I’m ambiguous and indistinct. Maybe that’s why I’ve taken to poems. The right people to seem to understand them (or at least in my mind they do.) It’s like a type of codex; poems unite likewise minds flowing down the current of the universe. But in attempt to be a little less vague, let me share a little piece of …

From a Dream

Why am I alone? Sitting empty clutching Golden promises The smoke rises yet Higher from the fireplace Taunting shadows Of this man watching Over your maiden body Buried under oaks Where did you go to? The bloodhounds have lost your scent Was it not enough? Riddling me still Sitting empty clutching Why am I alone?