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A Vague Transgression

Our last night The split in the blinds cast slitted shadows on your skin The moon leaks a pale blue into the Filtered air and kicks up into our lungs  Cat in the sink sleeps away this August heat It’s four a.m  Phone sounds the waking bell You kick the sheets that tie around your knees and go to brush your teeth I pinch the creases of my eyes to keep from crying  Tears seep inevitably between my fingers  Walk downstairs  Wait for the coffee to steep  ….wait a little longer than it usually takes, Trying to grasp the precious moments you’re  Still with me, wishing maybe You’d stay for breakfast Or an extra day, or week But you don’t falter on those plans you made We walk in somber silence into the humid morning, Dragging our feet across the pavement to your car Grab the handle, kiss and wave goodbye Your lights fade across the blacktop lot I march back with folded arms into our empty flat Crawl up the stairs, flick off the lights …

I Will

I will live within my means. I will own only what my shoulders can carry. I will choose the positive. I will learn to love the scars, and not be afraid when new ones surface. I will bite my tongue and unclench my fists. I will eat mindfully. I will breath deeply. I will see more clearly. I will listen thoughtfully. I will be kind. I will spend my time wisely. I will lift others up before myself. I will cut off the loose ends and run wildly. I will laugh honestly. I will live simply. I will love sweetly & will open arms. I will find the beauty in my unmade face and weathered palms. I will revel in the little things. I will thrive. So much of my life is spent in in empty insecurity, but opening my eyes and looking into new light. I am trying to appreciate the person I’ve become, instead of wrecking my mind on the person I could have been. I am embracing age, and not hiding from it …

Domestic Faith

Don’t we live such sad lives, trading whispers for gold. Redirecting promises for the unforetold. Laughter rolls its way into argument, salvation makes you starve, And the love that you once felt is orphaned and barred It’s sad how close the distance comes, and seeps it’s way around, until the wife chokes on her partner’s own dim, sweating sound. Did we come so far for this– An absentminded Commonness– The settlement of devotion? Though happiness true fades away, And sometimes a day is just a day it’s that struggle in the come-what-may, that the children shy, indulge in. Tell me could you cry, just for yourself? Could you pray for someone else? Or is it a path that you lost long ago, to a land that you no longer know The brambles press and the thorns grow but there’s a heart between those branches. Amid those grey fights and raised voices are calm, colored romances. And It’s not always about beating the odds but then again what are the chances?