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Domestic Faith

Don’t we live such sad lives, trading whispers for gold. Redirecting promises for the unforetold. Laughter rolls its way into argument, salvation makes you starve, And the love that you once felt is orphaned and barred It’s sad how close the distance comes, and seeps it’s way around, until the wife chokes on her partner’s own dim, sweating sound. Did we come so far for this– An absentminded Commonness– The settlement of devotion? Though happiness true fades away, And sometimes a day is just a day it’s that struggle in the come-what-may, that the children shy, indulge in. Tell me could you cry, just for yourself? Could you pray for someone else? Or is it a path that you lost long ago, to a land that you no longer know The brambles press and the thorns grow but there’s a heart between those branches. Amid those grey fights and raised voices are calm, colored romances. And It’s not always about beating the odds but then again what are the chances?