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And Maybe…. Mystery

I point my ears to the farthest tree and listen to the needles sway and sing, like a nursery song remembered from childhood. I’m thinking about mending, about restoring, about the remedy of words. Dusk settles and my thoughts inch toward alone-ness. When I sit on the suburban steps staring out at the particulates and angels hidden in the ashes of cigarettes, I think of the soul, of how, maybe it smells like the dampness of rain and if it can be mended. A soul who exists in autonomy, hermiting against the waking world. Content to watch the seeds separate and sow, to watch the birds bend back their beaks in this August heat. The truth is: we exist only inside ourselves, our souls are dormant and our real selves, unactualized. Often times, we are only ever half a real person. We whisper ourselves to sleep and drown in stagnant waters, warm, and maybe even comfortable. And, so, the words we use to sooth ourselves begin to ring true; we listen without question, without second …


Hiking Into a Happy New Year

The afternoon shuts its doors. The heart tightens it valves, the dragon maple sunk in its bones, The grass asleep in its wheel. The year squeezes to this point, the cold Hung like a lantern against the dark burn of a syllable: I roll it around on my tongue, I warm its edges … Charles Wright, closing lines to “Light Journal,” Zone Journals (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1988)


A Content Disconnect

Cling to the long Branch of the world. Stars sway the tree Whose roots Tighten on an atom. ~Ted Hughes   We could live in such a way, cash in our chips and head for the hills….but modern living gets in the way more than we’d like to admit, maybe even more than we know. I’ve recently quit social media to focus on other, more meaningful things. I was never a huge fan of Facebook, or Twitter, & etc… mostly because I never really knew what to say on those things…. But I admit, I liked Instagram. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m sort of a sucker for pretty pictures, and that gave me a particularly nice social outlet (if you can even call it that.) I’m relatively reclusive and sometimes it’s just nice to show the world/whoever happens to be looking, some creative piece of yourself, so I enjoyed social media for that reason… However, lately, as the days go by, it just seemed increasingly worthless. I got tired of checking my phone, I got tired of …