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One Small Breath

 “Landscape is emergent as relational lines of movement, an ongoing meshwork of practices and movement signatures.” -Kevin E. McHugh Advertisements


Once Upon a Time in Belize

A few photos from my trip to Belize a couple years back. My first encounter with a digital camera. I tried to capture the color that radiates through this beautiful country. I’m digging around my computer, backing up files, and I thought I’d share these as the guy & I plan our next trip… to Peru. This time next year, if things go well, we’ll be standing atop Machu Picchu, breathing in the Incan air… So needless to say, I’m pinching my pennies. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as much as I’d like to. I’ve been a little busy…. I have a new job and I’ve been taking up odd projects as of late. I’ve also been bumping the idea of moving around in my head a lot these days… We’ve been in Austin for two years now, so maybe it’s just that time that I start itching to move. For now I will just breathe in and reminisce about the waves plowing in and out of the shore and the dozen falling stars that …