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An Introduction to Kitchen & Cottage Witchery

Witch and witchcraft are buzzwords lately that have us old(er) witches rolling our third eyes. Like anything, learning a new skill takes practice, work, dedication, and humility…. Witchcraft is no different. I have been practicing the “craft” for over a decade and I know that I still have a tremendous amount to learn. That said, if you want to incorporate magick into your daily life through spells, rituals, rites, recipes…etc…I have a few tips.
I think that it is important to note that there are many subsets of witchcraft and some folks like to title themselves as one thing in particular. For instance, I consider myself a Kitchen Witch (and Hedgewitch) because my magick is primarily done in my home/hearth/kitchen. I love fermenting things, concocting herbal remedies, and I believe that the foods we eat can heal us and that they’ve got a magick all of their own…but I digress.

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I look at witchery as a mix of art and science. It’s not some quaint thing to be trivialized in department store gift boxes. Magick is powerful. It can heal you, help you, harm you, and like many spiritual practices, it can enhance your life and help you to find a state of fulfillment and purpose. Now, what’s so trivial about that? If you are new to witchcraft, It might help for you to read up on the various types of witches just to see if any resonate with you…. Now, keep in mind that you may resonate with more than one type of witchcraft. I’m rather eclectic and often use candles, oils, tarot, herbs, moon phases, etc…. to perform my magick. You don’t have to be any one thing, but you should do your research and educate yourself in order to find which path may serve you best.

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As promised, this post is primarily about Kitchen (also known as cottage) or Hearth Witchery. Since we are spending more time at home than ever, I thought it might be appropriate. So, what is Hearth Witchery? Simple, it’s about bringing magick even into the most domestic and mundane. It is the realization that even the most menial tasks can be made enchanting; chores are necessary in keeping your home clean and its inhabitants healthy, but they are also powerful rituals that can aid you and household against negativity and harm. Everything carries an energy and chores can often act as offering to honor your family, certain deities, and spirits, and even yourself.

Cleaning, Cleansing, Sweeping, Mending 

I thought we would first begin with the act of cleaning. A Limpia is a Mexican Spiritual Cleansing ritual, usually performed by your neighborhood Curandera. Paloma Cervantes, a Curandera herself, notes that “a limpia is performed to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit of negative thoughts and energies.” It can rid blockages, reverse hexes, and can help improve your communication with the spirit world. Just as our bodies, minds, and souls sometimes need a good spiritual cleansing, so too do our homes.

HandmadeBrooms_1500-56899a983df78ccc1531609e (1)

The besom is the traditional witch’s broom, and can be used for ritually cleansing a space. Stuart Dee / Stockbyte / Getty

An easy way to clean our home is by sweeping. Brooms have long been associated with witches and broom lore exists in many different countries and cultures. The act of sweeping can aid you in filling your workspace with specific intentions and rid that space of unwanted, or even stagnant, energies.  If you are trying to draw something to you or manifest a desire, start sweeping at your front door and sweep inward toward the center of your home. Gather the debris in a dustpan and discard in a respectful way ( such as in your compost, garden, or left by your front door.)

If you are trying to rid your home or psyche of something, you’ll essentially do the opposite by sweeping counter clockwise through the house and then with a quick brush outside your front door; gather the debris in a jar or bag and take it off of your property. You can discard it in a bin or leave it at a crossroads that you won’t visit again (you might want to consult with Hecate, goddess of crossroads while performing this ritual).

You can also add herbs and spices to your Sweeps to enhance your intentions; gather your herbs depending on your intent. Below is an example of some herbal sweeps. If you want a personalized consultation and recipe/ herb blends for a specific intention, please contact me!

I’d be happy to work with you!


Abundance / Money Drawing Sweep 

For when your finances need a bit of a fix and you need a bit more help, try this sweep.  Best done on a Thursday (or Friday) in the morning. Be open to new opportunities for abundance and prosperity to walk into your life. It is also worth noting that you need to but in effort for this spell to work alongside your intentions.

This recipe will be dependent upon the size of your space

*all ingredients are best ground, unless otherwise noted 

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • 6 All spice berries – six is a powerful number for prosperity
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Crnmeal (cornmeal to draw things in; baking soda to keep them out… if you are performing a debt banishing, you may consider using baking soda and performing this ritual during the night of or after the full moon)

Cleansing Sweep

A good, all-around, sweep for cleansing spaces of negativity and stagnation. Also great to do this sweep before performing any rituals. You can use this one on carpeted or uncarpeted floors.

  • Sage (cooking sage as white sage is sacred to certain tribal groups and we should not be using it unless it’s ethically sourced from those tribes.)
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger
  • Lemon rind
  • Bay  leaves
  • Salt
  • Baking soda


Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

I will be adding more information, spells, recipes and rituals regarding Hearth/ Cottage/ Kitchen Witchery periodically. My next segment will be regarding Thresholds and Liminal Deities. Please let me know if you want to hear about anything in particular!

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