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Rainy Day Recipes: Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is a savory eggplant dip that is as simple to make as it is delicious to eat.

If you’re a fan of hummus I urge you to give this dish a try!



  • 1 large eggplant  (I make large portions of this dip to eat throughout the week, feel free to double or triple the recipe if you so wish!)
  • 3 gloves of garlic
  • 2-3 TB of tahini (Make your own, it’s super simple!)
  • Sea sale/ Kosher salt (TT)
  • Lemon juice (TT)


  • Cut eggplant in half and score. Don’t waste your time dicing the eggplant as it will be much easier to remove the skin if the eggplant is left in bigger pieces.
  • Salt and lay skin side down on sheet tray. Drizzle a oil over eggplant (I generally put the garlic on the sheet tray along with the eggplant and a couple of Serrano peppers… the peppers aren’t necessary, I just like the kick)
  • Let the eggplant roast in the oven (350 degrees) until soft. Take sheet tray out of the oven and let cool. Gut the eggplant and put directly into blender (along with garlic).
  • Add lemon juice, salt, tahini & blend all together until smooth.
  • Garnish the top with EVOO, a little salt, pomagranate seeds, and fresh coriander. I used celery leaves since I don’t have any coriander growing at the moment.
  • Serve with pita chips, crackers, veggies, or whatever your heart desires!

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