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I’ve been up cooking and canning beet horseradish (Ćwikła in Polish) for tomorrow’s farmers market. I find it surreal sometimes to be selling our “product”. Cooking is my craft and where I’m most in my element. Braising, canning, baking, mixing, shucking, stirring, basting, flipping, folding, frying, mincing –you get the picture– is part of my day-to-day thing… But it is so weird/cool/exciting/nerve-wracking/awesomely odd to be cooking up and serving something that you made by hand…from scratch. I’m proud of the work we do, as we try to be as local as possible, supporting little farm to market co-ops and some awesome farms around Texas.

It’s nice to be small-scale, so that we’re actually able to do that. That being said, it is quite a lot of work (of course) and I probably won’t get to bed until around midnight tonight, and then it’ll be up and at ’em around 4 am tomorrow to pack up and head out to the market to sell some handmade Polish dumplings to a crowd of hungry people. I’d like to think our pierogi aren’t just a “product” but something that can maybe be a source of nostalgia for someone… Something that can bring people back to their grandmother’s cooking on Christmas Eve. That’s what food is, after all, right? Not just sustenance, not just a form of pleasure, but an experience. An experience that can take you back in time, or can leave you happier than you had been just moments before the first bite.
I apologize for my pierogi platitudes. I’m just tired, but in a good way, of course.

Also, I realize that, although I cook everyday, I seldom post any recipes or dishes here…this blog is generally intended for me to just empty my head and share some thoughts, poems, and whatever else is rolling around in there… but I think it’s about time I start sharing some of my favorite eats. So, if you like food and foraging, stay tuned.

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