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Daily Business of Living

 The life of a poet oscillates between ecstasy and agony, and what mitigates those extremes is the necessary daily business of living.

Louise Glück, from “Internal Taperstries,” by William Giraldi, Poets and Writers (vol. 42, no. 5, September/October 2014)


This is always how it goes,  I write: “I haven’t had time to write.” But there is something I never really realized…. inspiration takes time. It takes hours, days, maybe weeks of meditation to quiet the mind, to actually think thoughts that don’t involve task-oriented motions. Time is something I haven’t had a lot of lately, I feel like a top spinning straight into the ground…. By week, I am in an archaeology intern out in west Texas working on a rather amazing project, and by the weekend, I gather my things (dirt still on my face) and drive back to Austin to make and sell WR & my handmade Pierogi (Polish style dumplings) at the farmers markets here. It’s been quite hectic, but manageable and now I have a week back in Austin. I’ve been sleeping in (until 8 am), sipping on some hot chai, and getting my fingernails all gloriously dirty in the garden, which is miraculously springing into life. Maybe something will come to me while sowing seeds or making super this evening…


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