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The Best Place to Cure What Ails You


Oh, I have so many things to tell you…

Dreams are slowly coming into realization this 2016.   I had become so encumbered by negativity, it was hard to keep my head up or my eyes dry. I’ve been dealing with some “personal issues” since about 2009, and, unfortunately, there does not look to be much light at the end of that tunnel. I won’t talk much about this because there has been so much light elsewhere. 2016 has already given me so much opportunity and has opened her arms to me in kindred creativity.

I have been working at a tea place here in Austin, with an absolutely amazing crew of co-workers (a rarity for the restaurant industry…at least from my experience) but yesterday was my last day. Now I am  making way for more exciting endeavors this spring. First off, I will be back out in  the Lower Pecos Canyon Lands later this month working as an archaeology intern and I just can’t wait to get back out there. I will also be taking classes at two different campuses to (F I N A L L Y) finish my bachelor’s degree by the fall, and (arguably the most exciting news) WR & I will be vendors at the SfC Farmer’s Market at Sunset Valley selling our Pierogi (a delicious Polish style dumpling.)

I have been itching to do something like this for years. This will truly be a farm to fork experience. We are using most all of our ingredients from local, sustainable sources, and all of our dumplings will be either vegetarian or vegan friendly… and positively delicious. So, if you live in the Austin area stay tuned!

Now, I know it seems like these are entirely different paths… and maybe they are, but believe you me, they connect. When I was younger I always thought that you had to choose one road to walk down, and that you must march steadfast and straight. I guess age has given me some perspective in that aspect. I used to be anxious about the road that I chose, my future for myself… and though my path may be a winding one, it is one filled with birdsong, soils of rich loam, woods of tall, fertile oak, and streams you can fold in two and carry away into the quietness of the mind…and light of course,

so much light.

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