Month: January 2016

January 24th, 2016

My sister & I were born in winter in the dead month that rings in the new year. 25 today Is it true? did I let the youth slip between my fingers like water through porous stone? I can’t count the memories like I can years, can’t justify all the misplaced months stammering in and out of idleness. I could go back, content in following one clear path. Again, as a second calling. But that isn’t life. That wasn’t the hand I was dealt, or even the game that I gambled myself into. We have only one chance, ultimately, and though the faces that weave into that web are kind ones… I’m still left with the “what ifs…” They glow like the inside of a curtained window, offering  the possibility of warmth, but never enough to truly feel. I’m 25 today When did I spring up out of adolescence? When did that line form between my eyebrows, When did those dreams become displaced pangs of quiet nothingness Too cold to flicker into realities, too poignet …

Hiking Into a Happy New Year

The afternoon shuts its doors. The heart tightens it valves, the dragon maple sunk in its bones, The grass asleep in its wheel. The year squeezes to this point, the cold Hung like a lantern against the dark burn of a syllable: I roll it around on my tongue, I warm its edges … Charles Wright, closing lines to “Light Journal,” Zone Journals (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1988)