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A Content Disconnect

Cling to the long
Branch of the world.

Stars sway the tree
Whose roots
Tighten on an atom.

~Ted Hughes

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IMG_8775 (1)
dividerWe could live in such a way, cash in our chips and head for the hills….but modern living gets in the way more than we’d like to admit, maybe even more than we know.

I’ve recently quit social media to focus on other, more meaningful things. I was never a huge fan of Facebook, or Twitter, & etc… mostly because I never really knew what to say on those things…. But I admit, I liked Instagram. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m sort of a sucker for pretty pictures, and that gave me a particularly nice social outlet (if you can even call it that.)

I’m relatively reclusive and sometimes it’s just nice to show the world/whoever happens to be looking, some creative piece of yourself, so I enjoyed social media for that reason…

However, lately, as the days go by, it just seemed increasingly worthless. I got tired of checking my phone, I got tired of even having a phone. So, I deleted all my accounts and wiped my phone clean. Maybe I’ll just get a land line….

I’m sometimes irrationally fearful of being too far on the grid; of being so easily ‘searchable.’ I often get the feeling like I need to escape (this is common for everyone, I think… but I also think I feel it more than others.) I’ve had many different addresses, and a *slightly* unhealthy desire to just get out, go, and leave this life behind. I’m trying really hard to stick to my commitments and not just trail down the road with my ficus in the front seat and a note on the dresser. But it’s difficult not to backslide into past habits, especially when your head’s underwater.

On the same note,  I’ve been literally having dreams where my head’s underwater. Here’s how it goes:

I’m stuck under a dock, or a boat, or some sort of platform and I can’t find my way out. I feel faint and suffocated. Panicked, I float to the surface and find a slit in the dock between the wooden boards to breath through. Air beats through my lungs in a savage act, water spilling through my teeth. I cough, choke, and awake in a sopping mess of sweat and twisted sheets. 

But I’ve really gone off topic now.  I guess what I’m trying to say, is that life has gotten a little heavy lately, and social media seems increasingly pointless.

I mean, really, who cares about hashtags? Are they really a means of connecting or just put in place to blindfold the audience?

“Living Authentic” has become a buzz online, but somehow, I just don’t buy that people who are actually living authentically are in anyway concerned with tweets, or status updates, or grams…

My uncle comes to mind when I say this. He lives in Alaska. He hunts, fishes, the whole nine yards, as far as the outdoors is concerned. For him it’s truly a way of life, not just aesthetics. He’s also a wonderful photographer, who is constantly capturing nature, big and small. Needless to say, he doesn’t have social media. He does have an album on his phone where he shares all is wonderful pictures with friends and family. For me, he lives authentic. People who truly do, don’t need to show it.

It’s like that adage “those who know, do not say & those who say, do not know.”

So, for this purpose, I’m purging…cleansing; trying to get back to myself by getting rid of needless things like social media, and even excess clothing. I realize this seems like a pathetic proclamation, but this is my little corner of the world wide web, so maybe you’ll forgive me.

I’ve noticed that by ridding myself of these things, I’ve been feeling more creative, more focussed, and far less distracted. I feel better, fuller even.

I’m finding my little sacred places  in this world and holding fast. I encourage more people to do the same, don’t get stuck in the technology loop  (as I sit here on my computer… blogging.) 

(I’m still crossing my fingers that the internet is just  a fad. 

I guess time will tell… )

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  1. So many great points Lindsay:

    1. Those who are truly living authentic, don’t hashtag about it.
    2. Social media is a huge distraction.
    3. Focus more by purging/cleansing online social media.
    4. Sometimes we find ourselves too far on the grid.

    I’m quite reclusive myself, and like you, social media is also my way of showing the world, or whoever might be interested, a little piece of ourselves.

    Before all the social media outlets, I used to write by hand, pen on paper, page after page of short stories and poetry and prose.

    Fast forward a few years, and I sent a few hand made postcards to a friend, and because of modern technology,

    1. My handwriting had dramatically gotten worse.
    2. Because of the instant internet of posting and texting, I was at a loss for new things to say.

    Time to yourself is essential:


    If we could live again, a life without hashtags, a life alive, present, in a moment, this moment, then we really start living authentic, like the Uncle you mentioned, getting in touch with our 5 senses again:

    and Hearing.

    We discover ourselves again.

    We find… Peace, Harmony, and Enlightenment.

    Thank you for this post.
    You are an inspiration.


    • Thanks for your comment Michael (and for reading such a long rant!) Time to yourself is definitely essential to live “Unplugged. Unchained. Uncluttered.” Thank you for the thoughtful comments and sentiments.

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