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A Vague Transgression

Our last night
The split in the blinds cast slitted shadows on your skin
The moon leaks a pale blue into the 
Filtered air and kicks up into our lungs 
Cat in the sink sleeps away this August heat

It's four a.m 
Phone sounds the waking bell
You kick the sheets that tie around your knees and go to brush your teeth
I pinch the creases of my eyes to keep from crying 
Tears seep inevitably between my fingers 

Walk downstairs 
Wait for the coffee to steep 
....wait a little longer than it usually takes,
Trying to grasp the precious moments you're 
Still with me, wishing maybe You'd stay for breakfast
Or an extra day, or week

But you don't falter on those plans you made 
We walk in somber silence into the humid morning, 
Dragging our feet across the pavement to your car
Grab the handle, kiss and wave goodbye
Your lights fade across the blacktop lot

I march back with folded arms into our empty flat
Crawl up the stairs, flick off the lights
Slip back into bed and realize its size
Tissues are frayed and feathered in 
gross cottoned lumps marking my malady 

I go through the motions, and scoff at 
the triviality. I shake it off and close my eyes
But my throat chokes up and I'm overtaken again
Lost in the vague transgression of it all
Why is it so easy to be the one who leaves?

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