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The Reasons Why I’m Leaving

Because I tried to wear another’s ring
But it burned me

Because I show her 
your picture everyday

Because we picked out funeral plots
And joked like the jokeWasn’t ours

Because the smile on my face is feigned

Because Annie’s too young to understand
That she has your eyes

Because the closet smells like tobacco and patchouli
When I open the doors

Because I hear you in my head laughing
when I think of something funny

Because I always seem to forget
where I’m driving to

Because she folds clothes onto
Her paper dolls and walks them into the fire

Because sadness is selfish
And new shoes are expensive

Because I spend my days in listless 
Envy for the end that came to you, but not to me.

Because I’m nothing but a half-human, half-venlafaxine 
Drone standing on legs I had forgotten I had

Keeping your grave decorated because
It feels like home

Because my fidelity wasn’t forced
And now I can’t be free

Because I spent 25 years
Killing time,

And now it’s killing me

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