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The Paradigm

Four walls
Empty room
meat in the icebox

Snow outside, 
 tempting me to play 
   with its imperfect remedy.

Let the cold in & 
those four walls collapse 
in heavy folly
Making the lonely go away,

Making the nothing
Go away.

Four walls,
            Fire burning
Warmth of the hearth

That snow still slipping her 
china doll limbs under the door
Reaching relentlessly
Clutching empty air as I catch my breath
Begging for my embrace

And how pretty
and pure
and light,

I long in a secret still-life reality
Ever-wishing to be cold again,
But sheltered I am by

Four walls
Full belly
cutting my fingers 
on the machine

Stay strong
Closing the curtains 
so I can’t see the snow

I watch the thread 
drop a
nd roll
To the door,

Four walls
Between us

You look at the woman 
who shares now your name,

That frail, white-bodied figure
That stranger
That sinner, 
bumping shoulders with 
the devil in the corner

    Things s l o w

The smell of old dust lacing

Four walls
Cradle in the middle,
Abandoned now

For Sale sign stands 
like a bleeding crucifixion
Forgiving my

Four walls

Roses thrown, 
a youthless eulogy.

I face your eyes,
Empty though we won’t meet, 
following the mourning 
shadow they cast and

I dive,
Not fall, 
into that last cold blast

Comforted again,
For there are no walls in eternity.


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