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I Will

I will live within my means.
I will own only what my shoulders can carry.
I will choose the positive.
I will learn to love the scars, and not be afraid when new ones surface.
I will bite my tongue and unclench my fists.
I will eat mindfully.
I will breath deeply.
I will see more clearly.
I will listen thoughtfully.
I will be kind.
I will spend my time wisely.
I will lift others up before myself.
I will cut off the loose ends and run wildly.
I will laugh honestly.
I will live simply.
I will love sweetly & will open arms.
I will find the beauty in my unmade face and weathered palms.
I will revel in the little things.
I will thrive.

So much of my life is spent in in empty insecurity, but opening my eyes and looking into new light. I am trying to appreciate the person I’ve become, instead of wrecking my mind on the person I could have been. I am embracing age, and not hiding from it (because what good could that do?) I am concerned less about who I see when I look in the mirror, and am caring more about the smile I can put on others faces.  I am waking up unburdened,open-minded,  brushing off vanity and self-loathing. This on-going list is a personal dedication & proclamation that I am working on everyday & I  encourage others to take hold of their own (& I hope you don’t mind mine…)

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