Comstock, Journal, Texas
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Playing with Shadows & Other Adventures


Life Update: 

Yes, that’s right… I have embarked upon a new adventure! One in which I have crossed the days off of my calendar, patiently (and rather nervously) awaiting. I am spending the next six weeks within the mini town of Comstock where in which I will be doing my internship… (more on that later.)

Well, anyhow, I arrived last night in hopes to get settled & acquainted with my surroundings and golly the little house that I get to spend the next couple months in couldn’t be cuter. It’s a perfectly rustic blue house with sotal sprouting up in the front yard. How exciting. It has a mudroom, and very pretty red adobe-like floors, a very lovely lovely kitchen, a wood-burning fireplace (only to be used for aesthetics, due to the Texas heat, ) and is overwhelmingly charming. Did I mention it’s blue? I have unpacked and am slowly spreading out, reclaiming the space over squatting spiders… I may be slow to post due to lack of internet (as I am currently window-side, bumming wifi…)

& Always, a kind thanks for taking an interest in my little corner of the world.




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